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The History of Lynbrook contains over 220 drawings, charts, maps,
vintage photos and postcards. The book has been exhaustively
researched from primary sources.


·         Lynbrook's Geology - Beginning at the Beginning

·         The Rockaway Indians 12,500 Years Ago to 1643 - The Native Americans whoLived where Lynbrook is Today

·         Rokawanhaka to Lynbrook, 1643 to 1894 - How Lynbrook Got Its Ten Names

o   Rechqua-Akie or Rokawanhaka

o   Rockaway

o   Near Rockaway

o   Clink-Town

o   Parson's Corner

o   Bloomfield

o   Pearsall's Corners

o   Pearsallville

o   Pearsalls

o   Lynbrook

·         The 1890s to the 1910s - Lynbrook at the Turn of the Century Incorporation

·          Attempted Murder on Union Avenue

·         Long Island's First Movie, Shot in Lynbrook

·         September Love

·         Lyceum Hall

·         Tiger Town

·         Bicycle Craze

·         Land, Land, Land

·         The 1920s and 30s - Prohibition, Crime, the KKK and the Depression Immigration, Race, Religion and the Ku Klux Klan

·         The (Almost) Perfect Crime of James Watt Cadoo

·         Speakeasies, Gambling, Police Corruption and the Forgotten Deaths in the Line of Duty of Three Lynbrook Police Officers

·         The Great Depression

·         The Lynbrook Bottling Company - "Victim of the Depression"

·         Women of Old Lynbrook

o   Julia (Abrams) Fowler

o   Women in WW I

o   The Wives and Seventeen Children of George Mott

o   Catharine Foster

o   Schoolteachers

o   The "Founders" of the Lynbrook Library

o   Suffragettes

o   Ten Tragic Lives

·         Fire Department, Schools, War, Churches and Organizations Fire Department

·         Schools

·         Churches and Synagogues

·         Lynbrook at War

·         Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

·         Business

·         Personalities

o   Henri Charpentier - World-Class Chef and Creator of the Crepe Suzette

o   Emma Dayton - Business Pioneer

o   Shorty the Cop - Poetry in Motion at the Five Corners

o   Karl Wildermuth - World Record Holding Sprinter

o   Henri A. Franchimont - Pioneer of Flight

o   Edgar L. Morrison - Impresario Extraordinaire

o   Whittaker Chambers - Lynbrook's "Most Famous Person," Spy, Rat, and Hero

o   John Monahan, and the History of the LIRR and the Trolley

·         Lynbrook and the Sea

·         A Walk up the Mill River - Long Island's Historically Most Important River, a hidden historical treasure on Lynbrook's eastern border

·         The Wrecks of the Bristol and the Mexico - How 139 Irish, English, andScottish immigrants ended up in a mass grave in Lynbrook

·         A Lynbrook Timeline - Important dates and events in Lynbrook's history

·         Where in the World is Lynbrook?

·         Lynbrook's Presidents and Mayors - from 1911 to the present

·         Population Statistics

·         Historical Odds & Ends

·         Historians as Detectives

·         Sources - A list of selected sources used in the compilation of this history